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Selasa, 15 September 2009

Foto Payudara Wanita Mandi

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The use of a vibrator for masturbation is usually done by women. However, not seidikit men who use it to find satisfaction. Wow!

Two studies conducted at Indiana University, United States of women and men who use vibrators. They also surveyed 2056 perepuan and 1047 men with age range 18-60 years as quoted from health24 detikhot, Thursday (3/9/2009).

The results obtained for the use of vibrators for women to use vibrators more generally, namely sexual gratification. More details to get the ease of orgasm as Debby Herbenick said association director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

And what about using a vibrator on a man?

The man who was using a vibrator into sexual activity during their lives around 44.8% of men surveyed. This of course without identifying these men a heterosexual and bisexual (gay).

For heterosexual men, vibrators are usually used as heating (foreplay) or having sex with female partners. 91% of them admitted the habit of doing these activities with their partner.

The man who had to use a vibrator, it's easier to participate in the promotion of sexual health behavior. They also recorded a higher score in four of the five areas of sexual function (erectile function, sexual satisfaction, orgasm function and sexual desire) as measured by the international index of erectile function.

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